Welcome to San Lorenzo

Peculiar netsurfing suggestions are dancing lessons from ghod.

The Newt Hoenikker Memorial Artspace

is a (very slowly growing) group of pages for (mostly) local artists, bands, zines, writers etc. If you have anything for me to put here, email me.

The San Lorenzo Entropic Maximum Mission Statement

fnord Here are some interesting (to me) links.

Email me at bokonon@maxentropy.org. If you want to use PGP, you can get my public key here. You can have a can of crypto-sardines but US federal law prohibits sites outside the US from enjoying it, so watch out all you evil foreigners.

Add some feedback to my grafitti page!

Also, I have a downloadable Discordian calendar in Excel format here.

Or you can join a happy granfalloon.

Are you interested in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence? You can find out more and join our Seti At Home effort.


A robed man with a book looks up and sez: "This guy's pretty bizarre, Gus."

You can look at my .plan quote file here.

Support Net.freedom

Blue ribbon sez,  `Self-Regulate! Don`t Legislate!`

See some initial debate on the Communications Decency Act.

Get involved in freedom! One good place to start is the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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